Used 230 KW Diesel Generator For Sale Tier 4i Emissions Rating Aluminum Sound Attenuated Enclosed with Base 475 Gallon Fuel Tank

230 KW Diesel Generator, Tier 4I Emissions, Enclosed, Sound Attenuated, Base Fuel Tank, Main Breaker, Automatic Transfer Switch, Late Model, Tested

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This is a used diesel generator package for sale that houses a complete system, everything you need for back up emergency power!  This package comes complete with a late model, Tier 4I, 5 cylinder Scania diesel engine, sound attenuated (Very quiet) high end aluminum enclosure with heavy duty doors and latches, base mounted 475 gallon fuel tank that will provide over 24 hours at full load and nearly 48 hours at 1/2 load, and last but not least, a unit mounted automatic transfer switch and main electronic trip main circuit breaker.  Both the transfer switch and breaker gear are housed in their own NEMA 1 enclosure, INSIDE the generator enclosure. Not only is this a space saver, it saves you money in running expensive cable!  The generator end is a 12 lead re-connectable unit, currently wired to produce 208V, but can be switched to 480 volt and other 3 phase and single phase voltages.   It is the complete package with not only a great physical appearance, but furthermore a robust and well built design!  Note, we have nearly a dozen of these fresh units in stock, all low hours, all will be serviced prior to shipping!  If you need several units and the capability to run these in parallel, the Woodward EASYGEN-3200-5 controllers that come installed are specially designed to handle that for you!  You're two steps ahead of the game buying more than one unit!  You will be very pleased and the condition and robustness of these systems!  

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*We have multiple units in stock, some data may vary, call for your exact machine spec, price listed is for ONE MACHINE! 
FOB, Belgium, WI 53004 USA
Year of mfg : 2010 or newer
Hours : Under 500
General Package Information 
Output : 230 KW, 3 Phase, 208Y/120  Reconnectable to 480
Fuel Type : Diesel
Enclosure Included : YES, Aluminum Sound Attenuated Enclosure
Fuel Tank Included : YES, 475 Gallon Base Tank
ATS Included : YES, Unit mounted automatic transfer switch, located inside the generator enclosure / 1200 Amp
Main Breaker Included : YES, 1200 Amp electronic trip main circuit breaker and switch gear included and located inside the generator enclosure 
Emissions : Tier 4I (All DEF, Exhaust, Spark Arrestor systems are located conveniently INSIDE the enclosure) 
Engine Information 
Make : Scania
Cylinders : 5
Output : 232-291 KW
Type : DC09 0834
Fuel Type : Diesel
Turbo Charged : Yes
Displacement : 9.3 Liter
Generator End Information 
Make : Meccalte
Type : ECO38-1LN4
KW : 230 @ 40 Deg C, 120/208 Volt, 1383/798 Amps, 60 Hz
KW : 242 @ 27 Deg C, 120/208 Volt, 1455/839.5 Amps, 60 Hz
Serial Number : H012326
Phase : 3
Duty : S1
Date : 2010 or newer
RPM: 1800
Ins. Cl : H
PF : 0.8
Leads : 12 (Reconnectable to 460 volt and other 3 phase voltages) 
Switch Gear & ATS Information 
Make : NEX GEAR, DG Skill, Power Source
Volts : 208./120
Phase : 3
Wire : 4
Amps : 1200 (Supply, Section and Neutral) 
Enclosure Type : Nema 1 (Located inside the generator enclosure) 
Suitable for use as service equipment when no more than six main disconnecting means are provided 
Date : 2010 or newer
Controller Information
Make : Woodward
Part Number : Rev : EASYGEN-3200-5
Main Breaker Information (Main Breaker Brand and Model Varies)
Make : ABB or Square D
Amperage: 1200
Poles : 3 Pole
Volts : 600V
Hz : 50-60 Hz
Interrupting Ratings : 240 ~ 150000A / 480 ~ 100000A / 600 ~ 65000A
Trip Unit : 1200 Amp
Shipping Information : FOB, 281 Commerce St, Belgium, WI 53004 USA
Approx Dimensions : 13 Feet, 6.5 Inches Long x 5 Feet, 10.5 Inches Wide x 9 Feet, 8.25 Inches Tall 
Gibuys Item Number : JH10Scania
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