New Caterpillar G3616 Natural Gas Compression Engine 9.2:1 ADEM3 DYNO Tested

New Surplus Caterpillar G3616 Natural Gas Compression Engine Refurbished, Dyno Tested, Instock and ready to ship

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Product Description

Green Industrial purchased this New 0 HOUR Caterpillar G3616 Natural Gas industrial gas compression engine (Gas Compression 1000RPM).  HOLT CATERPILLAR refurbished and dyno tested this engine.  It is painted painted gas compression gray epoxy.

***2 Types of pictures in this listing. The engine was dyno tested before it was painted Gas Compression Gray Epoxy.  It is dyno tested and painted, ready to ship. This 4 hour full load dyno test performed by HOLT Caterpillar is complete and all data is available.  Engine is painted.  Engine is ready for shipment ASAP. ***  

Engine had 4 Hour Dyno Test performed at HOLT Caterpillar on Wednesday March 27 on a POWERTEST Model H3610 Dyno Test Cell.  Engine ran great with no issues and made full rated HP.


Condition: 5 HOURS Since NEW, New Surplus Engine 4CG00188 is Upgraded, Dyno Tested, and painted.

AVAILABILITY:  Serviced, Tested INSTOCK, Painted, READY to ship

PRICING: Listed price is a NEW UPGRADED ADEM 3 Gas Compression Specification DYNO Tested, PAINTED, and Cat Warrantied 

0 HOUR, New Surplus Engine
Caterpillar G3616
Serial# 4CG00188
Comp Ration: 9.2:1
Power: 4735 HP @ 1000 RPM (If changed to industrial engine specification)

REFURBISHED by HOLT Caterpillar and Dyno tested (4 Hour) with fresh paint with all upgrades listed below.

A Caterpillar parts warranty will be included on all parts and components changed.

1. Installed all new (HARD) rod bearings as well the updated rod bolts.
2. Installed New upgraded ADEM 3 Controller, including spark plugs & feedback sensors, A/F Module.
3. Installed new flywheel for compression application (6I-2076)
4. Changed the damper on the front of the engine to 7C-2123 (industrial Damper)
4. Installed Pre-Lube Pump
5. Rebuilt Caterpillar VTC turbos as a precaution.
6. Replaced ASCO gas shut-off valves.
7. 4 Hour Caterpillar Dyno Test COMPLETED-All data available.
8. Paint-Industrial Gas Compression Gray Epoxy
9. Engines will include a Caterpillar Parts Warranty

GIBUYS# MR1881-1