Magna Power M-M0-230000-2172B Clutch Brake 1700 RPM 1020/1270 - 510/635 lbs ft

Magna Power Clutch Brake
Magna Power
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Product Description

This is a Magna Power Clutch Brake. It was recently acquired by us from a plant where it was kept as a spare. That plant has now closed and this unit is ready to go to work for you. Save thousands and buy from Green Industrial today!


Magna Power

Clutch Brake

Model: M-M0-230000-2172B

Serial: 82170-1

Max RPM: 1700

GPM: 40

Coolant Press.: 100 psi Max, 35psi Min

Torque: 1020 lbs ft @ 50 RPM slip

Torque: 1270 lbs ft @ 75 RPM slip

Volts: 45 DC

Amps Hot: 13.5

Ohms: 2.5 @ 20 Degrees Celcius



Torque: 510 lbs ft@ 50 RPM slip

Torque: 635 lbs ft@ 75 RPM slip

Volts: 45 DC

AMPS Hot: 17.2

Ohms: 2.02 @ 20 degrees C

GPM: 20