GEA Model T Screw Compressor 340GL TR T22S 28 R290 For Sale

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GEA Screw Compressor
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Green Industrial purchased this new oil flooded screw compressor because of a project cancellation. The project this compressor was constructed for was cancelled. 0 issues or problems. Brand new, never used and ready to go to work for you today!


Save thousands and buy used from Green Industrial today!.


FOB: Belgium, WI 53004


**Drawings and specifications for the original build of this compressor are available**


Manufacturer: GEA Refrigeration

Type: Oil Flooded Screw

YEAR of Manufacture: 2016

Model T 340GL R290 High Stage WCOC 2.2 VI


GEA Compressor Model: T

GEA Exact Model Number: TR-T22S-28

Package Model: 340 GL E

Capacity Swept Volume CFM: 1034

Hydraulic Test Pressure: 620 psig

Max Design Working Pressure: 406 psig

Serial#: T0959

Mark: 4


Full Load Compressor Capacity (+or- 5%): 457.2 TR

Design Refrigerant Charge: 3050 lbs.

Refrigerant: Propane R290

Condensing Medium: Cooling Water

Process Fluid: Syn Gas

Max Input Speed: 3600 RPM

Rotation: C.W.


Motor HP Required: 500 (Not Included)