Howden WRV 163 FES Model 155 S Series Compressor R1270 3600RPM CW New Surplus

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Howden WRV 163 FES 155 S Compressor R1270
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This New Surplus Howden WRV 163 FES S Series Compressor was purchased from a project that was never able to be completed. Never installed, never used - this compressor is in its original factory crate. It is photographed in the crate-as a result, the pictures are not the best. If you require more detail, we will be happy to provide additional pictures or information.


FOB: Belgium, WI 53004


Brand: FES

S Series Compressor

Model: 155

Serial#: MK1K-1728

Hydraulic Test Pressure: 470 PSIG

Max Design Working Pressure: 313 PSIG

Refrigerant: R-1270

Max Input Speed: 3600 RPM

Rotation: CW

Year of Manufacture: 2012


GEA FES Systems Package Model: 155SE

Size: 4S