Diesel Fire Pump Engine John Deere PowerTech Model 6068HFC28 6.8L Year 2008

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Product Description
This is a complete fire pump package ready to go to work!  It was recently removed from working order and is now up for sale.  It will soon go through our Diesel shop and get a service and test run!  
This package comes with Diesel Engine (Low original hours under 50 hours), pump, and Metron controller!  
Save thousands and buy used from Green Industrial today! 
Year of Manufacture: 12-2008
Hours: Approximately 50
Pump Information : 
A-C Fire Pump Systems
ITT Industries Centrifugal Fire Pump
Type : Split Case
Size : 10x8x17F-L
Serial Number: 10-05737C-01-01/x2808P
GPM: 2500 @ 231 Feet Head, and 100 PSI
RPM: 1785
Impeller Diameter : 15.80
Number of Stages : 1
Max Net Pressure : 116 PSI
Net Pressure at 150% Capacity : 87 PSI
Max BHP : 215.2
Max Positive Suction Pressure : 84 PSI
Engine Information : 
Manufacturer : John Deere
Model : 6068HFC28
Serial Number : PE6068L075894
Manufacture Date : 12-23-2008
Material: RE536851
Current Software: SW60366E
Available Software: SW60366K
ECU: ECU Level 16, Part number RE526588, serial number 325396
Clark Information:
Model : JU6H-UFADP8
Smart P/N : DAB
Mfg/ S/N : PF6068LC75894
Horse Power Operating Range : 220 BHP at 1760 RPM, to 220 BHP at 1760 RPM 
Emissions : 
This engine complies with US EPA and CARB Regulations for 2008 nonroad diesel engines and EPA reg's for stationary diesel engines.  
Engine Model : 6068HFC28A,B,C,D
Power : 177KW @1760 RPM, 149 KW @ 2400 RPM, 147 KW @ 2100 RPM, 149 KW @ 2350 RPM
Constant Speed Only
Fire Pump Controller: 
Brand : Metron
Model : FD4-J
Serial Number : EF-10N44082-11
Electrical Rating : 115VAC, 60 HZ, 15 Amps, 12VDC NEG Gnd
Max Op Pres: 300 PSI
Enclosure Type : Type 2
Gibuys Item Number : JHX5
Shipping Information : 
Dimensions : 99 Inches Long x 48 Inches Wide x 78 Inches Tall (6250 lbs)
Plus, One additional pallet with Metron Controller : 48x48x20 (200 lbs)
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