4000 Amps Siemens WLL3G440ZYKAXARCB Cubicle Bus Circuit Breaker LSIG 4 Pole New Surplus

Siemens WL Cubicle Bus Circuit Breaker

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Product Description

This is a new surplus Siemens WL Cubicle Bus Circuit Breaker.

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FOB: Belgium, Wisconsin 53004 USA

Date of Manufacture: 3 March 2017

Manufacture: Siemens
Rated Amperage: 4000 Amps
Rated Voltage: 635 AC
Circuit Breaker Type: Insulated Case
Catalog Model No#: WLL3G440ZYKAXARCB
Trip Unit Type: EU 776
Trip Functions: L,S,I,G
Instruction Book and Outline Drawing: CBIM-02000-0204
ID-No.#: 4001370308027
ProdOrd: 9112171758
Power Breaker Frame No#: 12SZ

Catalog Model Number Breakdown

Catalog Number: WL L 3 G 4 40 Z Y K A X A R C B

WL= Siemens Insulated Case Style of Circuit Breaker

L = Interrupting current frame Ics (kAIR RMS) 50/60 Hz: 240/480 VAC @ 100, 600 VAC @ 85
Short-time current lcw (kA RMS): 0.4 sec @ 85
Extended instantaneous protection rating: 480 VAC @ 100
(kA RMS): 600 VAC @ 85
Close and latch rating (kA RMS): 85
Applicable rating plug range: 800 - 4000 A
Minimum enclosure dimension (in.): 32Wx22.5Hx19.5D
Mechanical make-time (ms): 35
Mechanical break-time (ms): 34
Electric close make-time (ms): 50
Electric trip/ UV break-time (ms): 40/73
Electric trip and reclose interval (ms): 80
Mechanical duty cycles (no maint.): 5000
Electrical duty cycles (no maint.): 2000
Draw-out breaker efficency (Watts loss at ln): 1100
Fixed-mount breaker efficiency (Watts loss at ln): 580
Ambient operating temperature (°C): -25 to 40
Weights (Fixed Breaker/DO Breaker/Cradle) lbs.: 181/278/306/200/278/306 (Class C)

3 = Frame Size

G = Breaker Type

4 = Number of Poles

40 = Frame Ampere Rating

Z = Rating Plug
Maximum continuous rating: 4000
For use with frame size: 3

Y = Electronic Trip Unit (ETU)
Model No#: ETU776
Protective Function L, S, and I
Protective Function S, and I can be disabled by user.
Ground Fault Functions: Alarm and Trip.

K = Bell Alarm, Breaker Ready-to-Close, Auxiliary Contacts
Bell Alarm Functions: Form C Contacts
Breaker Ready-to-Close Functions: 1b Contact
Auxiliary Contacts Functions: 4a + 4b

A= Shunt Trip
Rating: 24 DC

X = Undervoltage Release (with or without time delay) or 2nd Shunt Trip
This unit does not feature Undervoltage Release or 2nd Shunt Trip

A = Charging Motor, Motor Switch, Operations Counter
Charging Motor Operational Voltage: 24 DC

R = Close Coil, Power Metering and Communications
Close Coil Operation Voltage: 24 DC
Power Metering Capable? YES
Communications Module: PROFIBUS 2

C = Breaker Locks
Padlock provisions for OPEN and CLOSE push buttons.
Lock is not included

B = Miscellaneous Options
Key lock breaker OPEN position (provision only)
Lock is not included

This breaker includes the following accesories

COM-15 ProfiBus Module
Cat No#: WLCM15M
SKU No#: LQN311107004854

Sealing Kit ft. ETU 76
Catalog Code: WLTUSC76
SKU No#: 3WL9111-0AT46-0AA0

Lockable Off-Position Kit
Catalog Code: WLLKOFFPR
SKU No#: 3WL9111-1BA34-0AA0

Sealing Kit ft. ON / OFF Buttons
SKU No#: 3WL9111-0BA21-0AA0