30 KVA Square D Dry Type Transformer 480 PRI 208Y/120 SEC 30T3HBIS Tested

30kVA Transformer

Square D
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Product Description

This is a tested / used dry type transformer for sale. It was removed from service in great working order and is now tested, cleaned and up for sale. We have hundreds of dry transformers in stock. With thousands of used transformers on the internet to choose from, why should you buy one from Green Industrial out of Belgium Wisconsin? Our professional cleaning, testing and packaging process makes sure you are 100% satisfied, saving you thousands in the process!



Manufacturer: Square D

Catalog Number: 30T3HBIS

Style#: 33749-17212-083

Serial#: 21283789-003-1

Date Code: 0549

Type: SO

KVA: 30

Phase: 3

Hertz: 60

Primary Voltage: 480

Primary Input Amps: 36.084391

Secondary Voltage: 208Y/120

Secondary Output Amps: 83.271673

Class: AA

Insulation Class: 220°C

Degree Temp Rise: 80°C

Impedance: 3.6%

Enclosure: Type 2

Actual Transformer Dimensions: 20 Inches Wide x 20 Inches Deep x 30 Inches Tall (Not Shipping Dimensions)
Actual Transformer Weight: 330 Pounds (Not Shipping Weight)
Shipping Dimensions: 48" Long x 40" Wide x 36" Tall
Shipping Weight: 380 Pounds, Includes Pallet, 2x4 Runners, Hardware and Transformer



Your transformer will go through the process below prior to shipping to ensure your satisfaction.


1. Transformer enclosure will be disassembled and the old hex sheet metal hardware discarded.

2. Cleaned thoroughly (inside and out).

3. Coils blown out with compressed air.

4. Tested for continuity.

5. Reassembled with all NEW zinc coated steel hex head / sheet metal hardware on the exterior. (structural assembly hardware)

6. Labeled as tested.

7. Installed onto a standard pallet with 2x4 runners under each of the transformer legs/feet/mounting plates. The 2x4's will be attached to the pallet via long torques head screws. The transformer will then be attached to those 2x4's with long 1/4", 5/16" or 3/8" zinc coated steel hardware, depending on its size. There will be four bolts holding the transformer down to the pallet giving it a professional look and making it extremely sturdy/durable and easy to remove upon delivery.

8. Plastic poly cover placed on the top.

9. Wrapped on our shrink wrap machine.

10. DO NOT DOUBLE STACK & FRAGILE stickers placed on all four sides on the exterior of the shrink wrap.

11. 12 inch tall, yellow corrugated DO NOT STACK safety cone installed on the top of the transformer to prevent anything from being placed on top during shipping.

12. Loaded on a truck and photographed at time of loading.


(FAQ's) Transformer Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can you provide me with a shipping quote?

A: Certainly yes, please click on "Contact Seller", "Send Message" and then please provide us with your FULL and EXACT ship to address. Quotes are provided directly by UPS Freight’s software, so a zip code by itself will NOT suffice.


Q: Is the transformer tested?

A: Yes, the transformer is tested for continuity prior to being reassembled with new zinc coated steel hex head hardware and prepped for shipping.


Q: How long will it take to get it ready to ship?

A: Once the transformer is paid for, we typically operate with a 24 hour turn-around for shipping. For example: If it is paid for on a Monday, we typically strive to ship on Tuesday, the next day after payment. If it is a large order, meaning several transformers, it could take additional time. It takes several hours to get through the above cleaning and testing procedure. We are a small, family owned company and things can happen causing a slightly longer handling time, but it's rare. If getting it quickly is important, please contact us. We would love to hear from you, we can make special arrangements.


Q: Can I personally come pick my transformer up at your facility in Belgium, Wisconsin?

A: Absolutely! We would love to have you! Customers do this all the time. 281 Commerce St, Belgium, WI 53004. We can load any truck you bring. We can load no matter what the weather or conditions throw at us! Come visit!


Q: How old is the transformer?

A: We have hundreds of transformers in stock. There is no easy way to tell the exact age of a transformer. Just know that it will be tested for continuity and completely torn down and cleaned prior to being reassembled with new zinc hex head structural hardware prior to shipping. Green Industrial has a nearly perfect return rate on our transformers due to our pre-shipping quality process. We realize things can and do happen, so we offer a standard 30 day return policy to help you buy with confidence.


Q: Do you stock and sell safety switches and can you sell me one to hook up with this transformer? What about circuit breakers? I-Line?

A: Yes, we stock all standard sizes of both fusible and non-fusible safety disconnect switches, molded case circuit breakers, etc. Just contact us and we will get you squared away!


Q: We are not sure what size kVA transformer we need, or the right voltage selection. Can you help us size and pick out the right one?

A: YES!!! Please contact us! We can walk you through how to properly size the transformer and which one to buy.


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: It's hard to answer unless we get you an exact quote. But most places in the continental USA take 3 days or less.


Q: What if we don't have a loading dock to unload the pallet?

A: That's OK. Send us a message and we can request lift gate service. There will be an additional charge from UPS on this, but it can be done!


Q: Where do you get all the used transformers from?

A: Green Industrial BUYS, SELLS, and REMOVES used industrial equipment of all kinds. Transformers just happen to be one of our specialties.


Q: Are all transformers created equal? Are some better than others?

A: All transformers are not created equal. Most standard models, however, will get the job done just fine under normal industry average operating conditions. There are circumstance that would require you to shop around for certain features, bells and whistles. Features such as K-factor, wye vs delta configurations, taps, etc. If you are unsure, please contact us. We will get you rolling in the right direction!