1MW Ballard Hydrogen Fuel Cell MK 902 HD FC Module Proton Exchange Membrane Used

Ballard Hydrgen Fuel Cell
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Product Description
Green Industrial is happy to partner with a company to sell this 1MW Ballard Fuel Cell.  This unit was purchased in 2007 and used for approximately 5000 hours as a proof of concept for a utility power company here in the USA.  The power company that originally purchased this machine has sold this asset to us.  It has now been removed and is ready to sell.  This unit is a modular design and can be removed from the trailer it is on and shipped over seas.  This machine was packaged inside a 53' sea container that can be removed from the trailer frame it is pictured on.

This fuel cell system is ready for inspection and purchase.  This fuel cell will be loaded at no additional charge to the customer.  This system uses a modular design for the fuel cells.  The fuel cells have been removed and are being stored in a temperature controlled warehouse.  The fuel cells are connected and slid into and out of a roll-out tray.

This is a used Fuel Cell System that will be sold without the fuel cells.  The fuel cells can be purchased separately.

We think this would be a great system to transport to different trade shows, facilities, to show what type of technology is available.  It is a working unit that has had the fuel cells removed for storage.  3 of the 9 cells are not available for purchase.  

We would love to sell this machine to you if it will work for your needs.  This fuel cell package is priced at about 5% of what it was new.  We would love to sell it to an organization that is dedicated to improving all of our lives through technology!

Buy used and save millions with Green Industrial today!

FOB: Cleveland, OH USA

Manufacturer: Ballard
Part# 5120109
Ser SN9582
Fuel supply type: Gaseous Hydrogen 
Fuel supply pressure: MIN 130 psig
Fuel supply pressure: MAX 250 psig
Rated power NET: 1000 KW
Rated power Max gross: 1350 KW
Output current net: 1205 amps
Output current max gross: 1862 amps
**Voltage: 480 v 
**Hertz:  60 hz
Phase: 3
Fuel consumption 77kg/hr
Ambient temp 2 to 35 degrees C
36 to 96 degrees F
Max storage temp -20 degrees C
Generator installation MAN5100296

Design Standard ANSI / CSA America FC 1 2004 Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems 

**Can be changed with a different DC to AC converter.**

DC to AC Converter Specifications BELOW (Qty: 3 Banks of converters)

Manufacturer: ABB
Model: ACS800-207-0940-7-SPECIAL
Date: October 2009
Type: PCS
Enclosure: NEMA 1
Cooling: AIR
Ambient Operating Range: 0 to +40 Degrees C

DC Input

Voltage (Max) 950 VDC
Voltage Range: 595-945 VDC
I (Max) 756 A (3 x 252 A)
I (Max Over-Current Protection) 900 A (3 x 300 A)
Software: Custom

AC Output

# of Phase: 3
Voltage (Nominal): 380
F (Nominal) 60 Hz
I (Max) 784 A
P (Max) 450 KW
I (Max Over-Current Protection)

FUEL CELL INFORMATION BELOW (Not included in price.  Additional $40,000.0 per Fuel Cell) 6 Are available for purchase separately.

Ballard Fuel Cell
Model: MK 902 Heavy Duty FC Module
Fuel Cell Type: Proton Exchange Membrane
Fuel Type: Hydrogen
H2 Consumption at rated power: 9.5 kg/ hour
Voltage: 624 DC
Power: 150 KW
Current: 240 Amps DC
Number of Cells: 960 (160 per row)