Used Bosch Spot Welding Control Power Supply with PSS 5000 Weld Timer

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Bosch Spot Welding Control Power Supply

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Here is a used Bosch Spot Welding Control Power Supply. It comes with all that you see in the photo.
Insde the controller comes a GE Spectra series breaker and a Bosch PSS 5000 Servo Drive Weld Timer.
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Brand: Bosch
Servo Drive Weld Timer: PSS 5100.110M
Breaker: GE Spectra RMS Hi - Break Circuit Breaker, CAT SFHA24AT0250, 250 Amp, 2 Pole, 480 VAC
Spectra RMS TDA Operator: CAT NO: SDOM3
Voltage: 480 VAC
Power Supply: RoMan Mfg. Inc.
KVA: 150 at 50 % Duty Cycle
Primary: 460
Secondary: Max. 22.4
Phase: 1
HZ: 60
Model/Type: G466150X2412WX
Spec. NO: 2412
Serial No: 117295
Date: 9-14-98
Waterflow: 1 GPM
Rise: 110 deg C